Reactive Targets Peel and Stick - Adhesive Target 1" Black & Red Repair Pasters Biggest Reactive -Splatter Effect Providing Visual Feedback & Easy Hit Identification (10 Pack)

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Reactive Targets have a BIGGER reactive / splatter effect than other targets on the market! Our printing methods, specialized coatings, & inks provide a gigantic reactive / splatter effect for visual feedback & easy hit identification – see exactly where you are hitting the target from long-distances, with perfect clarity
All Reactive Targets have full-ink coverage over the entire target design allowing the neon-yellow base material to only become visible when the Reactive Targets are shot - see your shot on target even where you miss. We go an extra step by printing all targets with an anti-glare coating. Our patented anti-glare coating helps shooters reduce eye fatigue and eliminates reflection on the target surface. With these target anti-glare coating you will prevent glare commonly caused by indoor lighting.
All Reactive Targets are peelable labels so you can apply them to any surface you wish to shoot at, from steel to cardboard. Our all-weather adhesive will allow you to stick Reactive Targets to any surface, in extreme temperatures – stick targets to any material, in an extreme cold to extreme heat conditions.
Reactive Targets offer unique patented designs and features. offers the most affordable, most advanced reactive targets anywhere, and they are made in Texas, by American shooters for American shooters. No big faceless corporation here!
With 110 1” round red and black repair pasters per sheet, you can shoot the same target over-and-over, again-and-again! Targets are shipped in target pack sizes of your choice & budget. No matter what target pack size you choose, you’ll have plenty of repair pasters for your next range session and beyond.

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