A-7/5 Target (Paper) Official NRA - Smallbore Rifle (100 Target Pack)

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Target Pack Size:
100 Target Pack
Target Size:
10.5"W X 12"H

The A-7/5 target is the Official  target of all NRA sanctioned Smallbore Rifle shooting competitions. The A-7/5 target is designed to be shot at a distance of 75 feet.The AR-7/5 target has multiple scoring zones to challenge even the most veteran shooters. The AR-7/5 target has 10 bullseyes, each bullseye is 2 3/8" & black in color, with a total of 6 through 10 rings.  For use in Conventional 4-Position only. The AR-7/5 replaced the A-7 target.  The AR-7/5 target is printed on heavy paper approved by the NRA. All targets sold by CHLTargets.com are Made In The USA.