Tactical Training Target (25 Target Pack)

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One our biggest and most impressive reactive target! Designed to peel and stick over standard law enforcement critical mass training targets, use these reactive targets as a repair center on traditional paper targets, or to enhance your existing training targets. Full reactive ink coating means immediate visual feedback for where you are hitting, a must have in any training situation!

• Reactive Targets™ have a BIGGER reactive / splatter effect than other targets on the market! Reactive Targets™ provide a gigantic reactive / splatter effect for visual feedback & easy hit identification – see exactly where you are hitting the target from long-distances, with perfect clarity.

• Reactive Targets™ are manufactured with superior printing methods. All Reactive Targets™ are printed with a muted manila colored ink which is overprinted on top of a highly visible neon-yellow base material. All Reactive Targets™ have full-ink coverage over the entire target design allowing the neon-yellow base material to only become visible when the Reactive Targets™ are shot - see your shot on target even where you miss, unlike some competitor’s targets where the neon base material is exposed, and less visible when shot.

• Reactive Targets™ goes an extra step by printing all targets with an anti-glare coating. Our patented anti-glare coating helps shooters reduce eye fatigue and eliminates reflection on the target surface. With Reactive Target’s™ anti-glare coating you will prevent glare commonly caused by indoor range lighting or from shooting targets at long-distances, on bright sunny days.

• All Reactive Targets™ are peelable labels so you can apply them to any surface you wish to shoot at, from steel to cardboard. Our all-weather adhesive will allow you to stick Reactive Targets™ to any surface, in extreme temperatures – stick targets to any material, in an extreme cold to extreme heat conditions.

• Reactive Targets™ offer unique patented designs and features. Some targets meet specifications for Official NRA competition requirements.

• offers the most affordable, most advanced reactive targets anywhere, and they are made in Texas, by American shooters for American shooters. No big faceless corporation here!

Each target includes 6 red and black repair pasters to extend the life of your target. Targets are shipped in target pack sizes of your choice & budget.

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