B-27E ORANGE (100 Target Pack)

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The B-27E Orange is the Non-Official NRA Police Silhouette practice target. The B-27E Orange is economical version of B-27 Orange target. The silhouette is cut-off at the bottom of the target.  The B-27E Orange practice target is designed to be shot at at a distance of 50 yards.The B-27E Orange practice target is a human silhouette target, and printed orange in color. The target includes 7 through 9 rings for scoring, with an X ring added for tie breaking. The B-27E Orange is used for training in preparation of Police Pistol Combat competitions.The B-27E Orange target is printed on light paper. All targets sold by are Made In The USA.  

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8.00 (in)
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Target Pack Size:
100 Target Pack
Target Size:
22.5"W X 34.5"H