Steps & Tips To Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit

Steps & Tips To Obtain a Concealed Carry Permit

Jul 18th 2019

Let's face it, we live in a volatile world. Even if we don’t seek out trouble or danger, it can at times break into our otherwise peaceful existence. Whether that danger be violent criminals, terror, or even dangerous wildlife, the prudent individual prepares himself or herself for danger. One of the easiest means of being prepared for the worst is by obtaining a handgun and a permit to carry. Not all states require a permit to carry a handgun concealed, but many do.

If you live in a Constitutional Carry State where no permit is required to carry a handgun on your person, count yourself blessed to live in a free state. For the rest of us, and those who wish to carry their handgun outside their home state, we’ll need a concealed carry permit.

State Gun Laws

Every state in the union offers a concealed carry license, but each state differs in the difficulty there is in obtaining one. If you live in New York City for example, you will have to contend with the most draconian gun laws and jump through hoops like a trick pony to obtain a handgun permit in what is arguably the most tyrannically ruled location in the United States. If you live in Alabama having ID and a clean record is all that is required.

You must do your own homework to discover what your own states laws are concerning the ownership, carrying and concealment of handguns on your person before you even begin to pursue obtaining your permit. Your local Sheriff’s department is often an excellent resource to discover what your state’s gun laws are and how to go about obtaining a handgun permit.

Differing states have different laws about the actual carrying of a handgun. Some states will let you carry just about anywhere (Georgia), other states not so much. Understanding the carry laws are just as important as understanding the laws and process of obtaining your Handgun Carry Permit.

Also, many states allow open carry of a handgun without a permit. Allowing you to open carry and handgun without a permit, provided you are carrying it openly.

Concealed Carry Class

Many states now require you to take a concealed carry class before obtaining your permit. Almost every single one of these classes requires at least 6-8 hours of classroom instruction, followed by a demonstration at 10 yards with your handgun. Usually you must fire between 30-50 rounds to demonstrate competence with a handgun. The class is almost always completed with an exam to be sure you understand firearm safety and basic concealed carry law in your state.

Choosing the correct paper target to practice for the shooting qualification segment of obtaining your concealed carry permit is important. You can find all paper targets used in the qualification section of obtaining your concealed carry permit at

Spending time at your local range before you take your course is very important. Especially if you have purchased a new firearm that you will be using at your course or are new to handguns in general.

Concealed Carry

Once you have obtained your permit, and you are ready to start to start carrying your handgun for protection, it is wise to be sure you have the necessary equipment to do this. Having the right handgun for daily carry is important, as is the right holster. Carry too big of a handgun and it will be hard to conceal, or too heavy to carry comfortable. Use the wrong holster and you will be constantly adjusting your firearm and the carrying of your pistol will not be comfortable.

Carrying the right ammunition comes next. Some locations require certain types of ammunition be carried. But if you have the freedom to determine what you can carry, choosing the right ammunition that won’t over penetrate and will stop an assailant is imperative.

Safe Shooting!