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Silhouette Target is the original cardboard shooting target. The silhouette has been used for over 30 years as a training tool to improve marksmanship and trigger control. Shooters can practice their skills with these high quality cardboard targets. The target includes 7 through 9 rings for scoring, with an X ring added for tie breaking. These targets are printed on high quality 200 lb. test Corrugated Cardboard with Vertical "E" Flute. Front of target is is tan (or cardboard) in color/ Back of target White in color. The size of these targets are 30" x 21" 


Cardboard targets are ideal for use in shooting ranges, gun clubs, law enforcement agencies, military training and self-defense classes. Targets are designed to withstand thousands of rounds at close range without damage or wear.


All targets sold by are proudly Made In The USA.  

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Target Pack Size:
25 Target Pack
Target Size:
24"W X 45"H