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Presenting CHL Target's D-1 tombstone silhouette target, shaped like a tombstone and devoid of a specific head area, stands as an exceptional training companion for shooters aiming to enhance their skills on the range. 

Crafted with precision, our D-1 tombstone silhouette target boasts dimensions of 18” X 30”, offering a true-to-life man-sized silhouette. Our D-1 targets are die-cut from sturdy 200 lb., 1/8” (C-Flute) corrugated sheets, featuring a kraft brown color on both sides, and perforated scoring lines for accurate feedback on your shooting performance. The specifications for each of the perforated lines for each scoring zone is as follows:

“X” Ring (Center Ring) is 4 Inches in Diameter – the center of the “X” Ring measures 15” from the center to the bottom of the target & 9” from the center to the left & right sides of the target.

“A” Ring - 8 Inches in Diameter

"B” Ring (Outer Ring) is 12 Inches in Diameter – the top of the “B” Ring measures 21” from the top of the ring to the bottom of the target & 9” in diameter from the top of the ring to the top of the target. 

Embraced as one the primary cardboard targets used by the G.S.S.F. (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation) organization in sanctioned events. The D-1 target is also used in I.C.O.R.E. (Intl. Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts) revolver shooting matches as well, giving the D-1 target an earned reputation for reliability and effectiveness in matches all across the United States. Our D-1 targets are NOT official NRA targets and they DO NOT have an official NRA logo printed on the target.  

To complement your shooting experience, be sure to stock up on's BROWN target pasters All of’s target pasters are available in rolls of 1,000 pasters (each paster is a square & 7/8” X 7/8” in size) and will efficiently assist you to cover bullet holes and extend the life of your targets. Our target paster's brown color blends perfectly with the D-1’s cardboard kraft color, as well as have great adhesive capability when sticking pasters to the D-1 targets.

Explore our diverse range of offerings, including two cost-effective paper targets, NRA D-1 (P) and NRA D-1 (T), along with D-1 (C) repair centers, which are designed to extend the life of the paper D-1 targets, lowering the cost train, as well as practice sessions in between competitions. Elevate your marksmanship journey with the D-1 tombstone silhouette target from – where we sell shooting targets for the professional competition shooter. All targets sold by are Made In The USA.  



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