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Introducing the PCSL K-ZONE TARGET, the official target approved by the Practical Competition Shooting League (PCSL). Developed in collaboration with, the PCSL target is designed to meet the rigorous standards of practical shooting competitions.

PCSL promotes an open-source practical shooting format that clubs can readily adopt, eliminating the need for affiliation fees. Visit for comprehensive details on the PCSL format.

Recognized by PCSL, the kraft side signifies a handgun target while the white side indicates a carbine target. Penalty targets, or No-Shoots, are solid red with a black “X” marking.

In PCSL competitions, the K-Zone target is scored using the Points Per Second (Hit Factor) method. Competitors accumulate points based on hits minus penalties, divided by the time taken to complete the course of fire. Minor scoring applies, with hits in the A zone earning 5 points, C zone earning 3 points, and D zone earning 1 point. A single hit in the K zone garners the full 10 points without the need for a second shot.

Beyond PCSL matches, the K-Zone target offers versatile applications:

  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Durable 200 LB./C-FLUTE cardboard 
  • HIGHER STANDARD OF MARKSMANSHIP: Reduced D-Zone and A/C zone sizes demand superior marksmanship.
  • MULTIGUN APPLICATIONS: Ideal for 3-Gun and Multigun events, the target's scoring system eliminates common penalties.
  • MILITARY AND LEO APPLICATIONS: The target's design mirrors real-world scenarios, enhancing training effectiveness.

The PCSL (K-Zone) target measures approximately 18” wide by 23” tall, providing a familiar yet dynamic shooting experience. Experience precision and performance with the PCSL (K-ZONE) TARGET.

Note: All targets for the 1,000 target pack will be packed in boxes of 125 targets per box – total of 8 boxes with 125 targets per each box.

***** FREE Shipping to ALL 48 contiguous states in the USA *****