Shooting Range Targets - 36"x 25" - Sample Pack #10

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Our Shooting Range Targets are perfect for honing your shooting skills and practice. This set includes 50 targets of each target design, including silhouettes of people, animals, and other objects. With these high-quality targets you can practice both rifle and pistol shooting at the range or in your backyard! These durable targets are made from thick corrugated cardboard to ensure that they last through multiple rounds of shots. They’re also easy to store since they come in a compact box that fits easily into a bag or car trunk. Whether you’re an experienced shooter looking for more challenging target designs or just starting out on the range our Shooting Range Targets will help take your skills to the next level!



  • 50 TARGET PACK - This pack includes 10 targets of each target design for a total of 50 targets. Perfect for honing your shooting skills at the range.
  • SILHOUETTE TARGETS - Suitable for rifle, pistol, airsoft and BB gun shooting. These silhouette targets are great to practice precision shooting and accuracy.
  • HIGH VISIBILITY - The bright color makes these targets stand out from the background so you can easily track your shots and progress as you practice.
  • MADE TO LAST - Made with high-quality paper that won't tear or rip easily, these targets are designed to withstand multiple shots from various types of guns without tearing or losing visibility.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS - Whether you're looking to perfect your aim or just want to have some fun at the range with friends and family, these shooting range targets are perfect for all ages and skill levels!
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